Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome to my life...

This is the beginning of something that I have been rejecting a long time. Is this something for me???? Should I waste valuable time of my life sitting writing about what Im doing???

It has been itching me for quite some time now that maybe this can make me grow and maybe this can help other people learn something a long the way...

In other words, my kind of crazy life will now be open for the world and hopefully I can make the people who wants, to feel as a part of my hectical and sometimes chaotical lifestile.

I will try and after that we can see what will happened, you will be my judge...

Due to the fact that I have been travelling for the last decade I alredady have a million stories and million of pictures... I just have to dig deep and find them somewhere among all the old laptops and computers...

My presentations with text and pictures will not have a specific timeline it will be coming as a part of my daily mood, the "hot"-subjects in the world and maybe I can bend around some suggestion from you guys!

This is also a part of my big project to climb Mt Everest or Sagarmatha as it called in Nepal. I have a couple of Mountains behind me and is now collecting experience around the planet so I will stand ready when the day comes! My next project is Mt Aconcagua in Argetina in January, where I together with my girlfriend are organizing and expedition with a local company. More about that later...

I was born and raised in Sweden but have not been living there for many years and is only passing by a couple of times a year to get a piece of my mothers food and say hello to the incredible and fast growing growing two nephews.

I will not try to dig to deep during the first contribution an ones again welcome to my life.

I will try not to bore you to much...

Your explorer..


  1. Härligt Björn. Bra initiativ!

  2. Ja det var väl på tiden! Skall bli kul att testa!!!

  3. it will be a pleasure read your adventures =P

  4. glomm inte karleks historian med delfinerna