Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It all started in the beginning of the 80s´...!!!!

I was born in a small town on the westcoast of Sweden with the classic setup:
- a mother
- a father

Four years before my arrival to earth my loving parents created a child that became my sister. I came a rainy and stormy night in August and a couple of years after me, my parents closed the sack of three kids, with my little brother... Like I said a classic babyboom setup...

I had many small issues as a kid and one of them was drooling, maybe you dont see this as a problem but ask my mother...! I was during the first 6 years drooling on every piece of clothing I had and this is maybe not so fun to admit, but now in the 21 century we have to be honest to each other, and YES I was a little drooling monster. Because of this my mother put a dummy(napp) in my mouth to suck on and by the time I turned 6 or 7 my teeth for so twisted up I had to wear a brace for many years... Life as a kid is cruel...

Some years after the picture above I started School which was a big part of my life for around a decade. I always liked school and I was not a stupid kid, I was quite smart.

School of course is an important factor for many people but university did not become my destiny. Travelling and the world was waiting and I throw myself out there after school and started exploring.

If I now look back and try to think of any university that could have given me just an inch of the experiences I have been blessed with, during my work the last ten years, where I have been learning from most of the worlds religions and been living in many of the worlds different cultures and countries around our planet.

Your base of knowledge can maybe come from books, but it is the people around you that will teach you the way of life!

hmmmm... OK that sounded maybe a bit poetic, it was not my intention...

This is more or less my beginning, so now we can start and exploring a little bit of my more resent part of existence.

By the way, I am getting tiref of sitting and wait for a volcano to stop spitting and growling...!!!!!!! I have been stranded in Sweden for to many days now...

Until next time...

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  1. Drooling boy !!! this is really great!!! and by the way I have to tell you ! You was a really handsome and cute little boy =) ...

    But you must ask to your mom about some crazy stuff you must did in that age!!!