Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"A walk through death in the desert where time never moves"

I first come to Tunisia, a country on the north tip of the African continent and the southern coastline of the Mediterranean ocean, in 2008. I learned that thirty percent of the country is covered by the Saharan desert, and I thought WOW, I will have the possibility to see the biggest desert in the world and to experience an area of the world where the endless sand create an emptiness that is stopping time!!! FANTASTIC!!

At that time I started to think about the possibility of getting "close" to the desert in a more tough and crazy kind of way. I wanted to feel what the Bedouins felt, I wanted to be a part of the heat, the empty and open landscape and to experience the mental panic that probably would come (like you see in the movies :-) )! The more I was thinking about it the harder it was to take the thoughts away and now it was to late "back" down, because it would be like failure in my head.

I started to open the subject to a good local friend name Kamel and he took it in directly and then we more or less closed the sack and started to plan how we can do this expedition! This guy is a fantastic person with heart like a saint and strong as an ox. He was a professional boxer for some years in Europe and now he is raising his family quietly in Tunisia, I could feel that he has been looking for some crazy stuff or something like this for a long time.

First of all we had to start find a good route and we came up with two desert towns or oasis and the plan would be to walk between those. The area between is a mix of sand desert and stone desert and in Sahara you have many different kind. The biggest point for these choices was that it existed beduins in the area who could offer shelter along the way when we needed that.Now I have to go back to work so the preparation and the expedition story will come tomorrow.... So like in the movies...


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