Friday, April 23, 2010

Movie clips I took from La Malinche and Pico de Orizaba...

During the 6 days that it totally took to climb La Malinche and Pico de Orizaba I managed to make some small movie clips aswell, click on "MORE" to see them... ENJOY!!! :-)

"The following is taking place on the icy face of La Malinche. We were on the way down where we caught up with one of the other guides, the clip shows the steep and icy slope and of course the fantastic view in the horizon of PICO DE ORIZABA, he looks fantastic!!!"

"This is from the point where the 4x4 could not continue, so we started trecking with our camp , backpack, equipment, water and food. Fantastic weather with almost no wind and alot of sun, not a bad day for acklimatization"

"A little break on the way up to the hut. Lovely weather, many smiles (which is unusal for me) IM HAPPY"

"I hate waiting!!! Especially when you have nothing to do except waiting... People who know me, know how restless I am... Well well... ON this clip I am laying in the sun, that luckily creeps through the window of the shabby hut, the only place that had some kind of warmth. The biggest problem on the floor was all the rats, because they started to nibble on you when you fell asleep"

"The sunrise did not come a moment to late. I was tired, frozen and thirsty, but the first rays of light that started to covere the highlands below me made me smile. I tried to capture a little but of the beauty of what I experienced but I think I need a better camera for that"

I did not make a movie clip on the top as planned, so only the pictures on the earlier loginputs.

I hope the pictures and the small clips can show a little bit of these 6 day expedition that I made together with HG Mexico, for info about this provider, check out the webpage or write to me directly.

Enjoy your day, every moment... Every day!

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