Sunday, April 25, 2010

A military mission to help and to create hope where it is needed...!

My little tour abroad started as a military man. After school military service was something most people did and I was one of them. I loved it... The organization, the brotherhood and the power of action! I was stucked...

After a year home I applied for international service and was accepted...

I will not go in to any details due to secrecy of our operation, but I will spread a little bit of my experience with some pictures and lessons learned...

The years spend in a warzone changed me a lot, from being a young swedish guy with the vision and the illusion that everything has a solution and the every question has an answer. I learned HUMILITY from people who have lost everyhting dear to them in life and learned to cheerish all moments from children without families. The most important is the NEVER take anything for granted. I am thankful for the life I have been given, for the possibilities I have to explore this world and the freedom I have been granted, when so few people in the world have it.

Military missions like this also learn you a lesson about LOYALTY for the guys that walks beside you. You learn to be thankful that they are there and that will sacrifice themself for you and you for them, that relationship is something that cannot be describe good with words.

Anyway I have tried to take this lesson with me in my daily life even today. To show warmth to the people around me and thank them for being there and for being supported. Remember that you are an illusion of the surrounding group, your friends, collegues and family. Remember to thank them and to show to your gratitude! You never now what can happen, or what life has in plan for you and them.

The sad part of this is when you come home you are suddenly alone with your emotions and experiences. You carry things inside you that no one can understand. Your band of brothers have been spread out the wind.

I dont regret one moment of those years and months. It made me the person I am today. It made me more hungry for the world and what it has to offer me... This was a start of an adventure....


  1. Grym sida mannen. Jag kommer garanterat följa din resa genom världen! Jag har dessvärre fått skjuta upp cykelplanerna till nästa sommar. Men har iaf tagit beslutet att cykla från väst till öst i USA. Blir jäkligt nice:)


  2. Grymt Micke! Ibland räcker tiden inte till att göra alla planer man vill. VÄST till ÖST i US blir grymt! Jag kommer följa din expedition med stort intresse!